Plots of land and investment properties by the sea

For investors

As time goes by, more and more people are interested in investing in real estate. This is certainly influenced by the increased interest in real estate on the market as well as its constantly rising value. Finding a property in an attractive location and, above all, in an interesting neighbourhood is a guarantee of a successful investment. That is why properties by the sea are particularly popular, especially in times of rising prices, it may turn out to be a good investment.  Owning a building plot by the sea gives unlimited possibilities as to its destination. You can both use it for yourself by building a summer house, as well as build a guesthouse or a service property.

Additional information

The purchase of a plot of land or an object located in Ustka may turn out to be a great investment, bringing profit every month. First of all, recently more and more people have been choosing to spend their holidays by the Polish seaside due to problems with travel agencies, limited holiday budget or going only for a part of their holiday. Therefore, real estate in Ustka may turn out to be an investment that will allow for monthly income from its activities. Renting accommodation combined with a functioning restaurant is a business idea. Especially when there is an international cycling route, forests and a beach nearby. Investment properties are an interesting way to invest your money. Depending on the creativity of the investor, it is possible to open various service and commercial activities, or to focus on renting rooms for accommodation.



The investment plots are located close to the national road 21 which makes it easy to get to. A relatively short distance from Gdańsk and the German border means that the price of these plots will rise much faster. This also favours renting, as our western neighbours are able to pay much more for their stay at the Polish seaside. According to research conducted by IMAS International, every second Pole who goes on holiday chooses the Baltic Sea and holidays at the seaside are usually longer than in other parts of Poland. All these factors make investment in real estate by the sea worthwhile.

Not far from the plots, a golf course is planned to be built soon, and an aqua park will be constructed in Słupsk.