The picture shows the investment, which included building of the SPA and Hotel – called Pomerania Baltic Village & Thermal SPA
This is not a vision but in our opinion a possible investment offer with a definite functional and service program with unique cooperation of regional and local self-government authorities that results in creating a public technical, spa and medicine as well as recreational and sports infrastructures within the project and in its proximity.

Next to the following investments of Hotel &SPA, Małe Wytowno , Duże Wytowno, Osiedle Morskie there is a bicycle hanseatic route R10.
The foregoing route is used by cyclists, tourists, including international guests and by citizens of the nearby cities and residential estates for recreational and relaxation purposes throughout the year. This is a very big tourist attraction that combines active rest by the sea with healthy benefits.
Holiday at the seaside will make you more relaxed and healthy.
The climate here helps with asthma, varicose veins and thyroid problems. Holiday here is like psychotherapy for the soul and an anti-aging therapy for the skin. It can substitute a visit to a massage therapist, trainings or a visit to the gym. This type of treatment has its own name, i.e. thalassotherapy (from Greek thalassa , meaning sea). This is based on the treatment with sea water, alga, salt and sand. Thalassotherapy can help you with many health problems, like asthma. The air here is moisturizing, helps clear the airways. A walk on the sand or a bicycle ride will strengthen your calf muscles and prevent blood congestion in the veins. If you have heart problems, the climate here will help you decrease your blood pressure. Swimming is also beneficial to your circulation. In case of hypothyroidism you need iodine. You will inhale it every time you take a walk, ride a bike or while eating fish.

You can also enjoy a free wave massage, which cause the muscles to tighten and relax the muscles. Swimming in the sea is great exercise. It relieves back and knee pains. It also helps eliminate cellulite and makes the skin brighter and more elastic.

Lying in the beach is also beneficial to the organisms – it helps remove toxins, relaxes, decreases swelling and all due to a hot sand that heats your body, improves the metabolism and speeds up the blood flow. If you don’t like swimming, you can walk along the beach, which is a great massage and is beneficial to the organism.

Not only water has therapeutic properties. Air is also beneficial. It is constantly cleaned by wind, and oxygenates our organism, deepens the breath, provides moisture to bronchi and lungs. Walking on the beach after the storm gives you more energy, beautifies and improves your mood. Ionized skin is more resistant and protected from aggressive external factors such as cigarette smoke, pollution or air conditioning. Iodine in the air is extremely beneficial. The majority of people suffer from iodine deficiency, which is necessary for a proper functioning of the thyroid, gives you energy and speeds up the intracellular conversion, e.g. fat burning. Iodine also stabilizes blood pressure and the heart.
The foregoing are additional benefits of investing in the land at the seaside. The land is limited, thus this is the last Chance to make a decision and invest also in yourself and your family.

A list of properties recorded in the land and mortgage registry in Wytowno, Ustka commune


Urban concept – Duże Wytowno


Area development plan for Osiedle Morskie in Wytowno, Ustka commune– cost estimate
Division of the land into tasks Osiedle Morskie
The concept of PZT Osiedle Morskie Wytowno, Ustka Commune

single-family housing type A

single-family housing type B

single-family housing type C

single-family housing type D

single-family housing type E

single-family housing type F
multi-family housing type G

multi-family housing type H
Swimming area type U

Geology of Duże Wytowno

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Notarial Deed

List of agreements

Decision on the permission to build a cable line 15kV, portable transformation stations 15/0,4 kV with meter connections in Wytowno, Ustka commune

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Strategy for the social and economic development of Ustka commune for the years 2008-2015

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